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The only shop in Ybor City where death and dysfunction dance in a graceful ballet.



Our Story

Hello, thank you and welcome to Dysfunctional Grace art Co. The only shop in Ybor City where Death and Dysfunction dance in a graceful ballet. Death. Even the word evokes emotion. Fear is most often the case. Fear of the unknown. Death is something most of us never prepare for nor want to discuss. Yet it is really the only ‘It's going to happen’ word. We want to assure you we have the ultimate respect for all of our animals we have here. They've experienced death and have left their vessels with us. The specimens we acquire have already passed by means of natural causes or accidents or by means of other animals. We take the utmost Pride in giving what they have left for us and giving it a New life, for Someone to love and cherish forever. All parts are used, nothing wasted, what's not used by Us is returned to the earth for other animals to thrive. The way nature usually takes its course. Any vintage mounts we have were rescued from the trash or other places where people no longer saw the beauty in them. So they may have been killed for conservation , but we feel they’re beautiful and again hope to have Given them a new life. We just want to make clear that we do not kill animals, never have, (not even bugs) never will. We respect all Life. And we Respect Death. They’re both beautiful. And should be celebrated. We do not Ask that you agree with us. It's ok. We have our own path and feelings and beliefs, isn't that what makes us amazing? We just ask that You "FEEL" something by Feeling something you’re celebrating and honoring Life, because soon you will give up the ghost and not Feel. Until your next Journey.


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